Eduard Aksamitov

Available for consultancy

I help launch, improve and update products and services. Quickly understand issues and solve problems.

About launching and updating:processes, phases, specialists, hiring, budget and understanding the task. I will tell you what to do, how to do and how much time and money it will take to update the old or launch a new product.

About design solutions:understanding, accepting, evaluating and criticism, metaphor, graphics, typography, patterns, challenging scenarios, user experience and edge cases. I will help you find and solve design problems.

About management:business tasks, leadership, process building, design and development balance, communications and relationships. I will help you fix or improve your design and development processes.

I specialize in consulting and project management, where design and development balance is important.

See what
I’m working on now

Creator and curator of the community about Suprematism as an art movement — Suprematist.

Developer and maintainer of open source tools for developers:

A framework for building real-time collaborative applications — Logux;

A tiny state manager for React, Preact, Vue, Svelte and pure JS — Nanostores.

What is the format of the meeting?

One-on-one chat in Discord or any other messaging service.

I don't design or write text or code during the consultation. don't record or outline the meeting.

You can record it, but you cannot publish it.

How to discuss everything and not to miss anything?

Before the consultation, I will ask you to take a survey or write answers to a few questions.

How many meetings are needed?

It depends on your task. One meeting to get a quick understanding of an issue. Two to define the problem and start the processes. Three or four to create and release a new product. Once a week, for intensive long-distance work.

If you need more, you can hire me as a temporary Art director.

How and when can we start?

Email, Discord or Telegram me to answer clarifying questions, choose a date and time, get an invoice and send prepayment.

Appointments are usually booked a week in advance, and prepayment is 100%.

for a two-hour consultation
≥ $2000
to hire me
as a temporary Art director.