Eduard Aksamitov

Now, but not Twitter

Following people's latest updates and activities on social media is challenging. You should search, follow, and mix personal, entertainment, hobbies, and work. The feed becomes complicated, and regular social media reading becomes a chore.

Some people have a separate channel or blog for personal and professional. Twitter, for example. But even there, you find uninteresting and sometimes even misunderstood posts and replies. It's hard to filter. It takes a lot of work to find out where and what the person is currently working on and how his projects are evolving.

I found a solution from Carl MH Barenbrug, the founder of Minimalissimo - on his website, he made a “now” page. There he writes about his work, projects, experiments, studies, hobbies, and cats. All in one list with the date of the last updated.

I made one for myself and now keep it up to date:

Catalog of the “Now” pages, curated by Derek Sivers: